“There are many things in your heart you can never tell to another person. They are you, your private joys and sorrows, and you can never tell them. You cheapen yourself, the inside of yourself, when you tell them.” -- Greta Garbo

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'll never be hungry again!

Not really, but w/e. LOL.
Did well today:
1 slice of bakery bread
1 cup of cucumber slices with tobasco sauce
1 10cal jello
1 cooked carrot slice (from the take-out brought home, but I threw out the rest)
1 Laughing Cow light swiss cheese wedge (35cal)
4 mini cheddar rice cakes
8 slices of cooked squash
Total: 210
Did measurements:
Chest -- 33
Waist -- 25
Hips -- 34
Thigh -- 20.75
Everything's down except for my chest, but that's okay, I guess. I'm happy that my thighs are finally below 21 inches!! Yar.
Tomorrow's 400 calories. I may improvise, I may plan, dunno yet.

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