“There are many things in your heart you can never tell to another person. They are you, your private joys and sorrows, and you can never tell them. You cheapen yourself, the inside of yourself, when you tell them.” -- Greta Garbo

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Summer Challenge 2009

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Age: 18
Current Weight: 106
Goal Weight Loss: 100 (6 lbs)
Personal Goal: To read at least two books a month. Serious reading. I've always been a reader, but lately I've been lax about really digging into a book with depth. The books I plan to read may mostly be various nonfiction (philosophy, anthropology, history..) and I'll be taking notes. Any fiction I read that has no depth will not count as one of the two books. (Btw, I find reading to be a great distractor from hunger..) I may post some thoughts/reviews of the books, although it's doubtful that anyone is interested in my nerdiness.
Biggest Challenges: Staying on track. I tend to loose focus and, as a consequence, start to fall into a tailspin of failure. Or sit on my laurels and think that I'm safe. Also, I'm at a point where it's not easy to lose weight; it's a struggle to get rid of a single pound.

I'll post a pic when I find my camera... Um. Yeah.

Question For Week #1


Instead of gold, he gives you a choice.

You can either:

A) Be forever the weight of your dreams, and never have to worry about gaining a pound.


B) Be the richest person in the world, and your money will never run out

A. I don't believe in getting rich quick. You know all those lottery winners who end up ruining their lives because all they do is buy mansions and Porshes? And all those trust fund babies who are the hugest bro-fag/spoiled-princess dicks? They're like that because they don't know the value of a dollar. And yeah, that sounds like your crotchety old great-grandfather, because our crotchety old great-grandfathers knew something about earning what you own. They didn't have credit cards or even checks like we do today. They didn't try to live beyond their means.

Of course, I suppose A is also a quick-fix option. But, I see it like this: plenty of people are thin without trying just because of genetics, but they still value it. So, yeah. Lol, serious tyme up in this bitch, amorite? lol

(P.S.: I'm kinda Libertarian, but w/o the guns.)


littlewildgirl said...

That's honestly a tough one.
I'm tempted to go with b.
just because I've always promised to myself if I ever won the lottery I'd give money to charity, pay off my mother mortgage & all that boring stuff.
plus I'd be able to hire a nutritionist & an attractive personal trainer.. so everyone's a winner ;)

PrettyWreck said...

I agree with littlewildgirl, in a way XD But I have a problem with my own question too (which is why I chose it!)

I'm not as good with reading nonfiction. I like my fiction books, especially JR Ward. I always get all squeeful when I read her.

Although you are right. They said that because they knew something. Living with your means is a very important lesson to learn, and I've taken forever learn it myself. Now that I'm broke, I can't really even afford food, which helps a lot, I suppose.

...though when I saw Libertarian, my first thought was "Libertine" and then my second thought was "...me and you should talk more, bowchika". XD

MissBrightside said...

106!? I'm so jealous.